Thursday, March 16, 2017

Playing it Safe During a Commercial Property Fire Insurance Claim

Bill Voss serves as an attorney with The Voss Law Firm, PC, in The Woodlands, Texas. As an attorney, Bill Voss provides representation in property-loss cases, such as when a business files an insurance claim after a major fire.

To ensure that you receive adequate compensation from your insurance company, you should document all of the losses photographically before any changes are made. Insurance companies sometimes need to see damaged property in person, so it is unwise to throw anything out, even after it has been photographed.

Because fire insurance claims take time, you may want to consider undertaking temporary repairs personally. All costs associated with these temporary repairs should be recorded. While it is tempting to start permanent repairs early, you should always wait for insurer approval. 

Regular calls to the insurance company to follow up on the claim can help move the process along. You should keep a clear log of all communications and keep all supporting documents organized.

When thinking about permanent repairs, getting bids from several different contractors can help you get an idea of how much money you will likely receive from the insurance company, while also helping you to identify which company or companies might be the best for the job.

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