Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Ins and Outs of Marine Insurance Claims

A well-established Texas attorney, Bill Voss handles cases throughout the Gulf Coast region and has a particular focus on large loss insurance claims. With an emphasis on protecting client rights in cases involving major coverage providers, attorney Bill Voss has handled cases involving hail, fire, and hurricane damage to homes. 

Voss is also experienced in marine insurance claims, which most commonly involve storms that result in extensive damage to boats. Boat theft, another major claim issue, typically occurs when the vessel is docked on a ramp. In cases where the stolen vessel is ultimately found, there may be very little worth salvaging, which can boost insurance settlements. The same is true of fires and explosions, which often involve total vessel loss and high payouts. 

Injury cases can result in payouts in the six figures and higher, and are one reason why insurance companies may put their clout toward denial of such claims. The same goes for underwater collisions that involve striking submerged objects and result in the need for expensive repairs of underwater gear, stuffing, and struts. It always makes sense to secure an experienced law firm to ensure that unfair denials do not occur and optimal settlements are achieved.

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