Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Claiming Homeowners Insurance

Bill Voss, a reputable attorney in Texas, leads the Voss Law Firm, PC as owner and founder. Under his leadership, his law firm provides a full range of legal services that focus on insurance liability claims. Alongside his team, Bill Voss handles commercial, church, apartment, and residential insurance claims for a variety of disasters.

Many homeowners known that filing an insurance claim is a complicated process. Even after filing all the paperwork and going through all the steps, some homeowners may receive less than they deserve due to the following common, yet avoidable mistakes:

Filing unnecessarily – The purpose of most home insurance plans is to cover damage resulting from major disasters. Still, some homeowners file for minor expenses. This does not automatically mean the claim is invalid, but filing multiple claims within a short amount of time can result in a homeowner being flagged for higher premiums by their insurance company.

Waiting to contact an insurance agent – When something happens, homeowners must contact their insurance agent immediately and get the claims process started. One of the reasons homeowners should do this is because their insurance company may want to visually inspect the damage. Another reason is that some insurance plans only cover claims that are made within a reasonable amount of time.

Lack of proper documentation – Good documentation serves as the foundation to a successful home insurance claim. In the case of a disaster, homeowners should take photographs and videos of the damage from varying angles. Additionally, they should keep copies of insurance quotes, invoices, police reports, and receipts to ensure the damage and cost of repair is accurately represented.

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